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Master Stylist specializing in all phases of hair, skin, color design, corrective color and beauty health, each person I create a color to match and enhance their skin tones, Color Design that’s new.  Cuts that are made for each person even children, most people faces are larger on one side than the other or square, round, heart shaped, rectangle, pair or oval shaped. Oval shapes  are most desired,  by parting on the small side of the face, it gives you balance in your face shape, bangs  shorten a long face,  longer hair moving forward on your face like a lines can cut the square nest out your jaw and make you more oval shape or thinner no matter how big you are.  Beautiful skin is something you hold on too.  By things you don’t do to your face, like soap. Our skin is not much different than animal tissue our PH too, is about 4.5 to 5.5 soap about 8 to 10 as you noticed how the oil and tissues disappear when placed in soapy water.  Professional products don’t eat away at you skin like soaps, keeping the tissue holds the moisture in which allows the skin to stretch and come back without tearing.  I believe in Beauty I’ve been cut hair since 1975. And didn’t go to school to cut hair for $8 or become a Super Cutter or do five minute cuts. Many have gave up the Art for $8 cuts that ruined the industry.  I started before that and kept the art. I Hope to bring the art back most people spend lots of money to look good but the beauty salons are not taking the time to do that, the training  come from quick cut salons.

“To me, hairdressing and hair color is an art. Your look should be an expression of who you are. So, we listen. We consider, your lifestyle, your hair texture, your bone structure, what you want. Then we create, with precision and with care."

Cutting to the truth, when I look at my clients I can see the parts of you that you don’t like. That what I call: “Design to fit your face.” Oval shape faces are most desired but, most of us need some help.  Setting hair to shadow unwanted parts on your face creates an oval shape face and highlighting parts that need to come out creates a perfect shape face.  Not only does the hair shadow unwanted areas but also covers up wrinkles and soften your age line or scars, so hair can be used like make-up.

Our services include cutting, coloring, Keratin Treatments, corrective hair coloring, scalp treatments, blow-outs & special event styling.  All haircuts and color include a relaxing shampoo and conditioning, using the best products specific to your hair type, as well as a blow-dry and style, at no extra charge. Our expert stylists, under the direction of Scott Speakes, strive to make each visit a customized experience. Just ask our loyal clientele.  

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To request an appointment with one of our talented stylists, please fill out the forms on Contact Us @ 559-221-0909, and we will get back to you in 24 hours. If you would like to schedule a Cut and Style appointment online, please visit our online booking site.

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